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Life Similes

by Joel Limberg   »

Life is (like) a game. Or so they say. Correction, “or so everybody says”. It is a game because “there are some rules and because one has to follow these rules”. And it is a game because some jackass once said so.

Life is also like a wall, in that it can be smooth or rugged and comes to a sudden end – is replaced by the ceiling. Or floor.

Everything is a round cube in its being and not being at the same time. Life is a bucket of paint in a red box because we (the paint) are all confined by rules (the bucket) created through violence (the red box).

Everything is everything for the billion possible explanations that can be found. And nothing is nothing for the same reason.

So please, let’s at least stop the “life is a game” disease.

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Joel Limberg

The Grand Father of all things confusing and the forgotten uncle of all things made of straw hats; Mr. Sarcasm himself, the one and only Herr Irony.

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